Thursday, 12 July 2012

" Travelling Light " album - Free Download!

 Hi there - Just letting you know that I have decided to release a third album "Travelling Light" as a free download - the tunes on this album are featured on the JUKEBOX page of my website.
They echo a departure from the traditional celtic and bluegrass sound and are a blend of unique and original instrumental compositions with contemporary rhythms and varying styles. When I have spare time in between busking, recording and making videos of 5 string banjo tunes,  i like to compose original tunes and so I am now offering a selection of these tunes as a free download to folk as a way of saying "Thank you for following my music!" These tunes are in MP3 format and there are 17 of them which you can download in one go as a zip file - the overall file size is 81.3MB so please be patient during download!
Here is the link to take you to the JUKEBOX page of my website where you will find the download button should you wish to download the album.
For best results, save to your desktop then extract the files to a destination folder of your choice:
Thank you and kind regards!
Dave Hum

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